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Personal Training is Built on a Relationship Between Trainer and Client, With Passion.

Perseverance and Faith in Your Power Puts You on Top.

Friendly Neighborhood Gym Named Best Gym in Los Angeles

Welcome to A Tighter U, your friendly neighborhood gym in Culver City recognized by various media groups as the best gym in Los Angeles, and honored by the Los Angeles Times as having the best personal training in all of LA. We are serious about fitness and provide a genuine, laid-back gym culture where members can enjoy award-wining personal training at affordable prices. When “The Hollywood Trainer” Steve Zim started A Tighter U, his goal was, and still is, to offer community members a local gym with an easy-going atmosphere that has all the benefits of a high-end boutique-level fitness center. His innovative approach to personal training has prepared A-list celebrities for the Red Carpet, while his goals stay grounded in the local community so that everyone can reach their goals of being healthier, and happier.

Personal Training, Standard Gym Membership, or Mix It Up – You Call the Shots

If you aren’t ready to start personal training but want a standard gym membership so you can work your routine your way, no problem! We welcome you to try A Tighter U and enjoy monthly membership to a boutique gym that doesn’t have the swarms of people or the pretentious attitude you see at big chain workout centers.

We may be known for our training, but we also have the best gym for guests to perform their own workouts in a comfortable atmosphere with virtually zero wait time. The best thing in getting a gym membership with a Tighter U is that you can add on personal training down the road, or even book as many sessions as you want, when you are ready. And if you never use personal training, no problem! We are not a cookie cutter gym with a minimum commitment requirement. We strive to offer an amazing workout experience for standard membership users so they can train hard to reach their goals.

Steve Zim Personal Trainer for Olympic Skater Adam Rippon

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Why Los Angeles Times Voted Zim Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles

Steve Zim isn’t just a trainer to Hollywood stars; he has mastered the art and science of fitness training making it available and affordable for everyone. When you train with Steve you get:

  • A custom workout tailored for your current health, and to achieve your desired goals
  • Guaranteed faster results than traditional personal training
  • Workouts adjusted to maximize muscle activity, fat burning, and cardio
  • Adjustments to exercises that burn more calories
  • Friendly, caring personal training in a relaxed environment

Why People Love A Tighter U Gym

A Tighter U gym is not for everyone. Some people enjoy large gyms with muscular, bulking bodies checking each other out, and hey, we get it. This atmosphere motivates certain personality types to train harder, and that’s fine. We are not that gym. A Tighter U is a fitness center designed for people who are serious about high-end fitness, without that air of competition and the feeling like you are being watched and judged. People who are in favor of this type of gym environment love A Tighter U, because at the end of the day, we simply want to provide innovative personal training and workouts for our fellow community members who want to break a sweat in a place where there are no distractions, where people aren’t trying to hit on one another, and where the only focus is getting a serious workout amidst a friendly clientele of diverse fitness levels.


Our Culture

Come As You are, Leave Feeling Better Each Day. Our Members Help Create the Positive Attitude and Chill Environment You can’t Find in Big Box Gyms. No Big Crowds. No Wait Time. No Attitude.

Our Promise

Give Us Your Time, and We will Give Back a Fitter, Healthier, Happier You. Our Trainers aren’t Just Fitness and Nutrition Experts–They are Life Changers.

Your Success

Your Success to Better Fitness Begins with Step One in a Life-Changing Journey: Show Up with a Positive Attitude, Trust Your Trainer and Stay Focused on the Ultimate Prize: A Tighter, Happier You.

We Sculpt Tighter Bodies Through Innovative Fitness

Your Friendly Local Boutique Gym

If you are looking for a local boutique gym in Culver City to visit before or after work, come check us out. We have a special little community of friendly local members as well as people who travel from across the city to train with us and achieve their big goals. Our clients have said they instantly fell in love with our low-key, undisturbed fitness sanctuary from day one. With our easy-going members, state-of-the-art equipment, low cost on gym memberships, and white-glove customer service, we run a buttoned-up boutique gym that is just the right size to allow zero wait time for machines. Enjoy your own private bathroom and shower with complimentary towel service before hitting the office. Get your cardio in while being entertained with endless programming on your own 18-inch Direct TV screen outfitted on every treadmill. Experience high-end gym accommodations at the most affordable price in town, and join our tribe of  friendly members today!

Don't Let the Road Intimidate You. Your Journey is Beautiful. A Happier and Healthier You Waits at the Other Side.

Our Training Fees

1 on 1 for 1 Hour     $85 for Member   –   $90 for Non-Member

1 on 1 for 30 Min    $50 for Member   –   $55 for Non-Member

3 on 1 for 1 Hour*   $50 for Member  –   $55 for Non-Member

1 on 1 for 1 Hour with Steve Zim – $200

Monthly Membership is Only $80

  • One trainer shared by up to three clients. Each person in the group will have their own individual workout. Nutritional program also available.

Steve Zim Sculpts the Fit Body You Want

Work With Legendary Celebrity Trainer Steve Zim. Reclaim Good Health Habits Today!

Meet Zim

Personal Training in Los Angeles

Finding good personal training in Los Angeles can be challenging because finding someone with the skills, reliability, reputation, and the right personality is a tall order. When Steve Zim set out more than two decades ago to form the best gym in Los Angeles, he knew his personal trainers would be the face and voice for most client interactions. This is why he raised the bar, and recruited the best personal trainers to our gym in Culver City. We know our trainers are the best, and here’s why:

Affordable gym in Culver City

  • Certified trainers with tremendous education levels in fitness and nutrition
  • Authentic and caring (no fakers here, we care about your fitness)
  • Personable and friendly (we train hard but like laughing too)
  • Patient and understanding
  • Our trainers don’t get commission for signing people up, we just like doing our job
  • We are all passionate about fitness and our training methods are unique to the industry

Are you concerned you may not be able to afford personal training? First, our rates cost less than your big gym rates, and we have better trainers. Also, to allow more people to work with us, we offer a 3 on 1 personal one-hour training session where you get an individual workout program designed just for you, and the trainer works with you and two others at the same time. Often you are at opposite ends of the gym from other clients, so really it feels like you get that one-on-one attention. Come sign up for a session, and see why we have been known as the best gym in LA for more than a decade!

Better Fitness Leads to a Joyful Life - Learn More, Call (310)-202-6344

Raising the Bar for Gyms in Culver City

Within a stone’s throw from Beverly Hills, West Los Angeles, Crenshaw and Pico, A Tighter U is proud to be the best gym in Culver City serving Los Angeles clients from multiple neighborhoods. Our clientele is just as diverse as our services. When you come to train at A Tighter U gym, you get all the perks the top boutique gyms in LA have to offer, without the crazy high prices and “holier than thou” attitude.

Gym Membership Investment – Relax; we are month-to-month. We believe we have to work hard so you can work hard in the gym while having a positive experience each time, so we continuously earn your business each month. How much is your investment? $80 a month! That’s it! Do you need personal training? A Tighter U has been voted best gym in Los Angeles by several publications because we offer various packages to meet specific personal needs. For the most part, a one hour session with a trainer is $90, or $50 if you train in a group of three. A Tighter U is the best gym in Los Angeles located in Culver City.A Tighter U gym offers the lowest prices across the board.

Members – After years of gathering data, talking to people, and testing various business models, Steve Zim created a truly unique atmosphere in Los Angeles gyms that provides an environment where all types fit in. It is not uncommon for women to feel slightly intimidated lifting weights around guys pumping iron who look like Hercules. On the flip-side, those same bodybuilders look for a gym where they can push themselves to the next level with guys in their own weight class. Then you have senior citizens who want to tone up and improve their general fitness, as well as high-profile types who need a gym that meets their needs, but isn’t a sprawling layout with onlookers trying to take discreet photos. A Tighter U is regarded the best gym in Los Angeles because it caters to all these types. What do our members have in common? Each respects the other, each has a dedicated fitness goal, and all are proud to be a part of our specialized community of truly amazing individuals.

Personal Training – How many times have you joined a gym where you inquire about personal training and they try to make you pay for bulk packages? Most of those big national gym chains rely on personal training to account for more than 70 percent of their annual profits. Not us. At A Tighter U we believe that personal training should never be a carbon copy money-making model but instead a mutual, leisure arrangement made between the trainer and the client with no rules except one: stay committed. Whether you want to try out one session, schedule one a week, or train daily, we are here to accommodate you and help you reach your fitness goals. You can train one-on-one, or with two other individuals if you are on a budget. Members who train with us all have different goals: many are men and women who want to shed a few inches from their waists and tighten their arms, others are young working professionals who need a way to stay fir in their busy lives, and others are guys who want a six-pack. Our trainers work with all clients, from guys training for bodybuilding contests, moms who want to feel like they are in their 20s again, and athletes ranging from major league professionals to the high school quarterback who want to stay atop the pinnacle of their fitness.

Equipment – Come visit us; say hello and walk around our gym. We have high-tech weight machines. cardio machines with personalized Direct TV 18” LCD screens and fans, and all the dumbbells, combat ropes, core building devices, and stretching areas to help you meet your fitness goals. Here’s the best part: there is zero wait time to use the equipment. It’s just how we like to run things around here.

Best Gym in Culver City

Finding a good gym that has all the equipment you need, great personal trainers, and an atmosphere that is pretty special is a tall order. When you come work out with us at A Tighter U you will discover on day one why many have said we are the best gym in Culver City–when you are here you are part of a laid back fraternity of friendly people. Our members contribute to our culture. When you start coming in regularly you will recognize the same faces, get greeted with a warm hello, and feel right at home. Steve Zim may be the biggest name in Los Angeles fitness, but he likes to keep the feel of his gym more in line with the small boutique intimacy that people of all fitness levels love.

Before and After, the Steve Zim Way

Many of us want to look and feel better. Getting started is the hardest part. When you come to A Tighter U gym in Culver City, we put you on the path to defining what your true goals are, together we devise a plan, and our trainers help keep you on track. We have some amazing before and after photos that testify to the hard work our awesome clients invest. Are you ready to start your journey? Your after photo is within reach!

Take a look at some of these amazing before and after photos. Imagine what your after shot would look like. Would you look younger, fitter, and ready to take on the world? There is a healthier, happier you waiting to come out. If you visit our training staff at A Tighter U, we know you will love what we are doing. Steve Zim’s personal training method landed him on ‘The Today Show’ and made him a best-selling author of three books! His methods are proven, and universally celebrated. With your dedication and our passion, your after photo will be amazing.