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Diet and Nutrition

Your diet and nutrition is an enormous part of general health and fitness, and not enough gyms focus on their client’s eating habits. One reason why A Tighter U has been a top-rated gym in Los Angeles isn’t just because Steve Zim revolutionized the way people work their muscle groups and burn fat; he also offers client nutritional counseling. Food is fuel, and if you eat clean, healthy food your body will run clean and be more efficient.

Human bodies are all vastly different, both inside and out. Based on your age, gender, weight, medical history, and fitness goals, the diet our trainers will put you on is going to be unique and tailored to your needs. For example, the fuel a 25 year-old man needs who is a bodybuilder with high cholesterol will be very different from a 25 year old guy in good physical shape who just wants to maintain his tone. Also, a 30 year old woman who wants to lose weight will eat differently than a 30 year old man who wants to shed his spare tire. A Tighter U has the best nutrition coaches within the gym sphere, and each one is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through great workout plans, and forming healthy eating habits.

Our Nutrition / Fitness Coaching Builds a Better You

How Important is Diet and Nutrition with Working Out?

Your diet and nutrition is of great importance when it comes to working out. Because we have trained ourselves to associate the word “diet” with weight-loss, we forget that really what it entails is a structured nutrition plan based on your lifestyle. For example, if you are a bodybuilder and you lift barbells all day, you will require more protein and other things in your diet. If you are a runner or a swimmer and burn tons of calories training, you will need to have entirely different meal planning. Even diets for people who want to lose weight can vary based on the individual. At A Tighter U, we assess all clients to ensure their nutrition plan and workouts are on par to garnering good health and the amazing body they want to look and feel better.