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Start an Exercise Habit, Train With Steve Zim

If you aren’t already exercising, then starting a good exercise habit is the first step towards better health, looking good, and feeling great. The idea of delving right into exercise may cause some to feel weary, bit there is good news; your exercise routine will be easy! Start by walking every day for cardio. In this issue of Self Magazine, Hollywood trainer Steve Zim says that starting an exercise habit doesn’t take much energy, but more of a mental commitment. Do you really want to get a strong start? Come train with Steve Zim at A Tighter U Gym in Culver City, and watch your will-driven habit shift into a natural lifestyle you love!

Is an Exercise Habit a New Thing for You?

If an exercise habit is a new thing for you, yet you are reading this, than clearly there is a drive inside of you that want to get active. Whether you want to lose weight, increase your energy level, or tone up your body, starting an exercise habit has a multitude of benefits both physically, and mentally. Celebrity fitness trainer Steve Zim may be known for getting the big stars looking their best for the red carpet r their next big movie, yet his passion also resides in working with people who want more from life, and form themselves, but have never invested much into exercise. When you call A Tighter U Gym, Steve can customize a good, entry-level workout routine that will increase as your body gets slimmer, stronger, and faster. People with a routine exercise habit live longer and feel better. Now is your opportunity to start yours today!