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Seventeen Magazine Features Steve Zim on How to Gain Definition

In order to gain definition you need to burn fat and tone your muscles though a variety of exercises and eating the right healthy foods. Seventeen Magazine turned to Steve Zim to get the best strategy.  If you have a little belly fat, you will need to burn it away before you can begin chiseling it. If you have a thin, flat stomach you can begin a series of ab workouts to get that amazing look everyone wants.

Sculpting Your Butt

If your butt is flat, you will need to shape it, and if it is already shaped, you can do some exercises to get it good and firm. Sculpting your butt is not as hard as you think, so long as you stick to a good routine.

Developing Amazing Legs

Steve Zim shows you how to build definition in thin legs, and lengthen legs that are already muscular. When you train with Steve Zim at A Tighter U Gym, you get a custom workout plan to help you get the body you want, at an affordable price.