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Steve Zim Weight Loss in Star Magazine

High profile people get lots of attention, so the need to stay fit isn;t just for personal health reasons, but for career growth and stability if you work in the spotlight. The Steve Zim weight loss in Star Magazine method combines techniques and dietary tips to lose the weight gradually so that you lose true fat and not just water. From Kirstie Alley to Kelly Osbourne, Hollywood fitness expert Steve Zim has given his expert tips and applauds diet programs like Jenny Craig  as a great way to teach people how to eat healthy food using controlled portions.

Steve Zim Tips on Diet Programs

If you are going to follow a diet program, you are making a great step to improving your health and looking great. But this can be a challenging experience for many people. To ensure you are successful, here are some tips to follow while doing programs like Jenny Craig:

  • Join a gym and workout regularly to maximize results
  • Work with a personal trainer with a weight-loss focus
  • Always connect with your personal consultant
  • Create a plan unique to your lifestyle
  • Mix up your food selection to keep it interesting
  • Eat from every major food group according to your diet plan

Various magazines have features Steve Zim tips on diet programs, and have featured various parts of his workouts designed to help men and women tone their bodies and burn fat while engaged in a diet plan. If your goal is to drop 20 pounds or 100 pounds, following a good diet plan that meets your lifestyle needs while working with a personal trainer will put you in a place to get the best results. Steve Zim is known for getting stars ready to walk the red carpet, and now you too can work with him at A Tighter U gym in Culver City. Contact Steve below, and begin your amazing transformation today!