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Steve Zim – Total Burn Featured in US Magazine

When it comes to Jessica Alba looking her best, US Magazine knew to turn to Steve Zim for the low down on the Total Burn. Steve explains that just focusing on cardio won’t build muscle tone, while only lifting weights won’t deliver a high calorie burn.

When you contact Steve Zim at A Tighter U Gym in Culver City, he can deliver that Jessica Alba total burn workout with just the right balance of cardio and strength training to give clients a tighter body they will love.

Feel the Steve Zim Total Burn Workout

Want to decrease body fat and enhance muscle definition? Lowering your overall body fat by burning calories is how you do this. Keep in mind that a five-minute run at a 10-minute-per-mile pace burns around 45 calories. When you train with Steve Zim to burn fat, he will create a cardio portion of the Total burn workout that accommodates your current abilities. When building muscle definition, the key is to choose a weight that presents muscle failure between 8 and 12 reps. If you seek muscle endurance, you will need a lighter weight that allows for more than 15 reps. Steve Zim custom tailors the Total Burn workout to each individual client. Now anyone can look and feel as good as Jessica Alba!