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Personal training tends to be viewed as an expensive fitness luxury. Here’s a secret: working out with the RIGHT trainer at an affordable gym near you not only places personal training comfortably in your general budget, it also makes a massive difference in life improvement in multiple ways. Aside from developing the body of your dreams and improving your overall health, working with a personal trainer is proven to help people live happier lives.

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Why Not Just Get a Gym Membership?

Getting a membership at your local gym is a great starting point. But if your goal is to not only improve your health and body image, but also just help you feel better and live a better life, you will have a much better experience when you work with a personal trainer, and a significantly higher likeliness of completing your goals. A personal trainer keeps you accountable, helps you stay focused, and is your biggest cheerleader. They understand your goals, know just how to help you get there, and the best personal trainers know how to create custom programs for individual clients based on their physical and emotional needs. Working out solo can be hard and leave many people feeling unsure as to whether or not they are doing the exercises correctly and safely. A personal trainer ensures you do everything right to get your desires results, and they are your fitness rocket fuel.

Here’s how personal training makes huge, and unexpected impacts in an average person’s life.

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1. Fights Depression or General Sadness

Regular exercise helps combat depression. According to the Mayo Clinic, regular exercise eases depression and anxiety by releasing neurotransmitters, endorphins and endocannabinoids—feel-good brain chemicals that impact mood. The Mayo Clinic also states that regularly increasing your body temperature may account for calming effects, and they state that routine exercise reduces immune system chemicals that can worsen depression.

The key here is “regular” exercise, and this is where investing in personal training pays off big. Your personal trainer will keep you focused and motivated to continue a regular fitness routine and reduce the chance of you calling it quits, or simply exercising “when you feel like it”.

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2. Move Out of a Rut

Do you feel like you are lost in translation when it comes to understanding your place in life? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut, but you aren’t sure what the real problem is or how to get out of it? When we have energy and are happy we think more clearly. Since personal trainers help keep clients engaged in regular exercise with a specific focus, you can benefit from training by increasing your ability to connect with your authentic self and face some deeper questions with a clear mind that can lead to a place of understanding, self-compassion, and a blueprint for escaping that rut that’s holding you back.

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3. Socializing and Improving Communication Skills

Some people go through periods where they aren’t socializing with others (or they do so in a limited way) and they feel their communication skills are anything but polished. When you work with a personal trainer opposed to just getting a gym membership you work directly with another person who has the same interest you have—to see your life improve through fitness. Your personal trainer may not become your buddy that you go to a movie with; they are something much better because they are on your side, they listen to your needs, help you accomplish your goals, and they do so unconditionally. When you work with a personal trainer you are putting yourself in a social situation via a working relationship that can help give you that boost to step out and start associating with other people again.

Personal trainers also help you work on your communication skills. The trainer/client relationship is one of mutual trust: you must trust your trainer when he gives you guidance, and he must trust you when you send feedback. This relationship also deals with compromises. If you don’t like a certain exercise you and your trainer will work together to come up with a compromise that still gives you the full benefits. This requires you to communicate openly and honestly, and to problem-solve with your trainer to find a better solution.

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4. Dealing with an Injury or Illness

A personal trainer can help speed up your recovery time from an injury. When you work out in the gym by yourself and you are recovering from an injury, you may unintentionally be putting harmful strain on it, or you may be missing out on a few exercises that can help strengthen the injured muscle and facilitate a faster recovery. The best personal trainers knows just how to protect a sports injury, sprang, or any other physical ailment from further damage while gently working it to enhance its healing.

Personal trainers are also great for helping people deal with chronic or terminal illnesses. There are specific routines for various conditions that can reduce symptoms. Your personal trainer can set you up on an ideal program designed just for you and your health needs, and help you balance keeping fit with your medical treatment all while keeping a positive outlook.

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Achieve Your Goals with Personal Training Today!

Whether you want to know how to get six-pack abs and sculpt a Hollywood body that turns heads, or you simply want to be healthier and happier, personal training is the way to go. Consider a smaller neighborhood gym to one of the large big box chain gyms where trainers are under pressure to sign clients and retain them in order to keep their jobs or get a bonus. Smaller boutique gyms generally do not operate on this business model and are therefore more dedicated to assisting clients at an authentic level of genuine interest. Give personal training a shot today, and discover over the next few weeks how your life has already started improving!